Annette and Victor, 12 Star Diamond Directors from USANA Canada, had already found success in a myriad of enterprises when they were introduced to USANA in 2001.

After earning 3 bachelor degrees, Annette spent 3 decades of her life in the top global financial institutions. In his 30 years as an entrepreneur, Victor had invested in stocks, developed real estate properties, produced over 400 musical recordings and owned a successful Karaoke, Audio Video Electronics business.

The Ques could have easily turned the USANA opportunity down, but instead they found something worth investing in. 11 years ago, both Victor & Annette retired from working 108 hours a week and traded them all for a new lifestyle, the USANA lifestyle. Victor states.”I figured it was time for us to work SMART and have FUN”

​True enough, the decision to join USANA was the right one. After joining USANA, through part- time efforts, with God’s blessings, in 3 months they reached the level of Silver Directors, Gold Directors in 11 months and Diamond Directors in 14 months.

Best of all within the next 4 years became the first 4-Stars, 5-Stars and 6 Stars Diamond Directors of USANA. In 2014 - 2015 Annette and Victor then went from a 9 Stars Diamond Director to a 12 Stars Diamond Director, one of the top producers for ALL of USANA. 

In life, there are 3 things that everyone wishes to have:  Health, Wealth & Time Freedom.

Traditionally, we talk about success in terms of how high you can climb the corporate ladder or how well can you translate your idea into a full-fledged business. Regardless of the path chosen, there is one common limiting factor in the average person’s need to succeed in business; they are still trading their time for money.

When the USANA opportunity was presented to Victor and Annette, they realized immediately that the new USANA lifestyle not only gave them a vehicle to earn good residual income, it also provided them a new business lifestyle, Health, Wealth and Time Freedom.

In any business, Annette & Victor look at the bottom line in making a decision. First, the company must be a publicly traded company, credible and secure. Who the founder is and who are running the company. Second, the products must be unique, top quality and consumable. Third, the marketing & the compensation plans must be fair, achievable, can be duplicated & honest. USANA met all of their business criteria.

With God’s Blessings,

Annette fired her boss of 33 years, while Victor left his 108 hours a week work and they concentrated on their USANA journey.  They are no longer hampered by a set schedule and the limitation of geography where they can practice their business. They do their business globally by leveraging their time & effort with their associates; sharing the Vision with associates in North America and around the world.

Annette & Victor are USANA’s prominent leaders, members of Million Dollar Club, Fortune 25 and Growth 25.  As well as being recognized as Top Income Earners, Top Associates Enrollers and Top Pacesetter Creators globally.  They had won 2 brand new Porsche Boxters in 2 separate contests, in addition to many other prizes such as first class cruises, trips all over the world and many trophies. Serving 3 terms as elected executive members of the IDC, Annette & Victor had continued to work hard to represent the USANA family.

The Ques had been instrumental in building brand new foreign market where they hold Health & Freedom meetings and trainings. “The market growth we have seen in all brand new markets, especially the Philippines, has proven to us once again that Dr. Myron Wentz’ vision is not just for a selected few but it is for the whole world”. Annette stated.

As Annette & Victor travelled the world sharing Dr Wentz' vision, they combined business and pleasure.  One of the things they enjoyed most was creating memories by travelling together with their son Kendrick, daughter-in-law Jenevieve, and 3 grandchildren- Love, Izzy and Audrey.  With USANA, they were able to bring their family on a month trip to Europe with a privately hired chauffer and went around at their leisurely pace.  They were able to bring the family to cruises such as the Mediterranean, the South American, the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, etc.

Whether on land or cruising, they were creating memories money cannot buy.  Be it at dining at the top of Eiffel Tower, peering down the Cliff of Moher in Ireland, or shopping at 5th Ave of New York.  “With the financial and time flexibility USANA provided us, we can work when we want to work and play when we want to play.” Victor stated.

Let this dynamic duo show you their passion in helping others attain the 3 most illusive elements in life – Health, Wealth and Time Freedom.

Annette & Victor train entrepreneur around the world how to create the right momentum in attaining financial freedom, reaching dreams and living the life of a USANA lifestyle.

Dare to Dream!
Believe that with God, all things are possible!
You can take action & make your own dream come true.
Or you can just watch other persons’ dream come true.
Or ask yourself and wonder…what happened?